Map Data

Roads change, with V-Markings so does your map.

The Virtual Markings Exchange provides real-time lane line locations, immediately updating your maps with the real world.

The Virtual Markings Exchange

Always Up To Date

Roads change, and so does your map.

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The layers of change management


The Virtual Markings Exchange
is highly accurate, reliable, live data for maps.

Roads change. Complete your map in real-time and gain richer insights into time-critical, dynamic information. Our highly accurate map data reflects the real world. Roads change. With V-Markings, so does your map. 

Our innovative technology detects road changes in real-time. 

The Road View is a digital layer over the real world, providing the most up-to-date road changes, empowering Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and other end users with the data that matters.

The Virtual Markings Exchange is the data layer above the real world,  a powerful tool bringing you real-time updates to road activities, pattern changes, and new construction. 

Road View Capabilities

  • Road Activities due to maintenance such as  repainting for the season.
  • Pattern changes such as road lines changing in road diets.
  • New construction, feeding your maps with new data. 

Change Management for the Modern Road

V-Markings for Change Management

Real World

The Beginning

For centuries, people have drawn maps to help navigate the world. 

V-Markings for Change Management

Road View

We Are Here

The digital layer above the real world, the Road View is made of comprehensive road lines data. 

V-Markings for Change Management

Stripe View

The Future

We are actively improving the precision of V-Markings data, to provide accurate lane line locations in the real world, as they change.


V-Markings for Change Management
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